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  • All My Fonts Professional All My Fonts Professional 3.00
    Do you have hundreds of fonts on your computer? Ever tried to find that one particular font you needed but you don't remember the font name? Instead of searching and scrolling through hundreds of fonts names, you can now view all of your fonts.

    fonts, list, print, catalog

  • Secret Media Secret Media 3.01
    Hide secret messages in graphics & audio files, jpg, mp3, wma, etc

    secret, hidden, messages, text, image, picture, jpg, mp3, wma, audio

  • One Clock One Clock 1.70
    One Clock is a talking clock that sits in your system tray. At your selected time interval, either every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour, One Clock will play a chime and announce the current time.

    clock, talking, chime, alarm, grandfather

  • Easy Envelopes Easy Envelopes 2.50
    Easy Envelopes enables you to create professional-looking envelopes quickly and easily. Other programs are so complex that it takes 15 minutes to configure and print just one envelope.

    envelopes, print, stamp, letter

  • CoverPro CoverPro 8.11
    CoverPro was created for the purpose to easily print predesigned or scanned CD covers and labels. CoverPro is a breeze to use. Simply load the cover image that you want, select either front or back cover and click print.

    cd, cover, dvd, audio, printer, printing

  • Secret Notes Secret Notes 2.1.0
    Secret Notes enables you to have a secure place to keep your passwords, credit card information, and other important information. Secret Notes uses the same DES encryption used by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), banks, and military.

    secret, private, encrypt, decrypt, note

  • Rebate Genie Rebate Genie 1.0.5
    Rebate Genie helps you get your rebates by keeping all of your rebate records in one place. If there is ever a problem with a rebate you've submitted, you can use Rebate Genie to look up the details of your rebate.

    rebate, mail, mail-in, tracking

  • Easy Photo Maker Easy Photo Maker 1.0.7
    Save money on expensive photo paper. Other graphics programs can only print one image per page. With Easy Photo Maker, you can layout as many as 30 photos on one page. Or be creative and make a collage.

    photo, picture, digital, image, resize, layout, print

  • Birthdays! Birthdays! 2.0.1
    Do you have lots of friends and family? Have you ever forgotten one of their birthdays? Don't feel bad. Keeping track of everybody's birthdays is a difficult job. Let Birthdays! do all the work for you.

    birthday, reminder, calendar, forget

  • Auction Picture FX Auction Picture FX 1.9.1
    With Auction Picture FX, you can use a trick to create pictures with a highlighted border so that it will appear more prominently without having to pay any extra fees.

    auction, ebay, picture, edit, graphics, effects, image, photo

  • Photo Calendar Photo Calendar 1.1.0
    Photo Calendar enables you to print calendars right on your own PC and printer. Photo Calendar is extremely easy to use. Click to insert your own photo, select the month and year you want and Photo Calendar will quickly generate your calendar.

    calendar, photo, month, year, print

  • Moon Glimmer Moon Glimmer 1.0
    If you have an interest in astronomy or lunar events, Moon Glimmer will enable you to keep track of lunar phases.

    moon, moon phase, lunar

  • All My Stuff All My Stuff 1.1.2
    All My Stuff enables you to keep an organized inventory of all of your valuables. You can also attach a digital photograph to each item for even better documentation. You can print your entire inventory for safekeeping.

    inventory, home, insurance

  • Simple Timer Simple Timer 1.0.0
    An easy to use countdown timer. Let Simple Timer remind you of timely matters, such as cooking, doing laundry, watering the lawn, timing yourself for a test or speech, or hundreds of other uses.

    timer, count, count down, down, clock

  • Contact Card Contact Card 1.10
    Contact Card gives you an easy way to keep all of your contacts in one place. Whether your contacts are business, friends, or family, you can keep them all together at the touch of a mouse click.

    contact, address, phone, book, list, name