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  • Frolic Frolic 1.03
    Dozens of 3D animated sprites frolic on your screen. Option to add external animated sprites to create numerous custom screen saver modules. Module controls for speed, number of sprites, and duration. A unique and finely crafted screen saver...

    ants, dorje, donuts, 3d, animation, flc, fli, screen, saver, shareware

  • FreeTheWeed FreeTheWeed 1.01
    3D hemp leaves dance across your screen. Features 3 different 3D animated hemp sprites that change color as they float and frolic on your screen. Controls to change and animate color, and adjust speed.

    3d, hemp, animation, screen, saver

  • Q Q 1.05
    Celebrate diversity with Q - the queer friendly screen saver. Lovely rainbow triangles with a message change colors as they spin and float across your screen. A unique and finely crafted screen saver, reasonably priced...

    queer, friendly, gay, lesbian, diversity, 3d, animation, screen, saver

  • She She 1.05
    This saver harkens back to the days of yore, when the Goddess was alive, and majick was afoot. Lovely animated 3D moon goddess sprites float change color as they float gracefully across your screen. A beautiful screen saver, reasonably priced...

    moon, goddess, pagan, 3d, animation, screen, saver

  • Hempy_demo Hempy_demo 1.01
    Delightful 3D hemp animation OpenGL screen saver for Windows. Demo version. 10 modules. Control speed, zoom, position, and rotation for each module while screen saver is running. Remembers settings for each module. Full version only $5.00.

    3d, hemp, animation, opengl, windows, screen, saver