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ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing 1.101

ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing overview

ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing
ProxyShare is new generation of P2P software. Its fully designed for security an

ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing Details

Globalnet S.R.L.Developer :
1.101Version :
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Platform :
5.5 MbFile Size :
Freeware License :
July 15, 2006 Date Added :
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Software AwardRating :
Keywords : filesharing, p2p, secure, proxy, encryption, anonymous, fast, free

ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing Review

ProxyShare PS3 Filesharing Welcome to ProxyShare P2P What is ProxyShare? ProxyShare is new generation of P2P software. Its fully designed for security and speed. Why the name is ProxyShare? Unlike all other P2P network we take full advantage of internet proxy servers to hide your IP and gain speedy downloads. Every client in this network can act as a proxy server.

Changes in version 1.101:
Changelog: ========= 1.089 *fixed crash on reshare *new hashdatabase to avoid hashing of already hashed files *better upload buffering *fixed pause crash 1.088 *improved cache db download code 1.087 *skipping of sharing 0 bytes files *disabled socket error output *better slot logic at startup (much faster starting download) 1.086 *enhanced release mode *retry after 10s on db load error *better distribution of download slots 1.085 *internal reload timer fixed (now all 15min) 1.084 *enabled pause/resume status in gui *fixed timeout crash 1.083 *fixed another iaton bug *not 100% upload used fix 1.082 *some fix in upload server code *fast closing sockets to avoid router problems *no download resume fixed (fake downloads lost) *fixed download display flashing *Display filename in pause/resume file *fixed rare option read crash *enabled fast chunk upload *fixed download rate display *improved t-online support *completed chunks stay 5s in screen *upload slots now about 20k each (usually only one slot is uploading other are waiting) *Truecrypt V4.2 added 1.081 *fixed release mode logic *upload display redone 1.080 *enabled local/hotspot/lan mode *rewritten upload code (should be stable and 100% OK now) 1.079 *increase sancho socket buffer 4k -> 50k *fix subscribe bug *disabled the upload display hack as it seems to make the gui unstable 1.078 *rewritten server connect code *first linux build 1.077 *fixed core display loop *fixed release.html creation on new client 1.076 *Download slots slowly decrease when no upload *release page fixed 1.075 *rewritten local search you can now search for numbers too (= cached filesize) *bitrate in searches now displays cached mb for a file 1.074 *fixed auto merging after download complete *fixed rehashing of duped files in sharing dir *speedup t-online 1.073 *upload and download slots now defined by max upload speed from client *core fix 1.072 *upload slots now dynamic calculated from actual upload speed *fast checking of new downloads 1.071 *more download slots for upload *fixed upload slot display in gui 1.070 *fix cpu load *fix drop clients from server 1.069 *fixed sharing of dirs *new share logic 1.068 *fix seach bug in gui *disabled filter for sharing files *rewritten share file logic now sharing of many files should be no problem 1.068 *fix seach bug in gui *disabled filter for sharing files *rewritten share file logic now sharing of many files should be no problem 1.067 *more gui freeze fixes 1.066 *more search crash fixes *fixed startup merging error *reduced cpu load for chunk display *adjusted downloadlogic for low cpu on files > 10g 1.064 *reenabled hashing & resharing of downloaded files *enabled ETA in GUI *remote search only displays full sources 1.063 *search crash fix 1.062 *fixed gui freezes *faster merging *lower cpu load 1.061 *added two fixes for the rare startup race crash *delayed sancho autostart after client is full ready *fixed shares display unicode bug *fixed get sources crash bug 1.060 *unicode search fix *dynamic download slots (more upload = more download) 1.059 *fix startup option not found crash *enable pause / unpause download of files *local search now multiple words possible (AND) *remote search now unicode enabled and multiple words enabled (AND) 1.058 *fixed stuck downloads *improved download logic *fixed upload & download speed display in gui *enabled statistic in gui *fixed ecryption crash 1.057 *enhanced security 1.056 *fix ed2k link in shares *fix remote search *speedup t-online *filter releases in release page possible *subscribe releases only when cached enabled *rewritten client.ini config code *support now for prefs description *release/refresh mode enabled again *fixed cancel crash bug 1.055 *enhanced security *speedup and fix of searching 1.054 *reduced console messages *save release files sorted by catergory *fix bad client.ini creation *release page now always online *fixed rare release startup crash *upload slots now for each 10k upload 1 slot *fixed startup race bug for proxy db *fixed merging error 1.053 *reduced console messages *fixed rare search crash *some fix and tweaks *speed up non t-online 1.052 *fixed "&" in filenames crash on resumed files *add support for year in release page and subscription *add chunk progress bar support for gui *add avail bar support for gui *fixed download progress display in gui *clean filenames in release page *fixed startupcrash on currupt info file in temp *full unicode support 1.051 *port display in startup *added "signup" and "add release" to release page *fixed crash on merging error *fixed incomplete connections *fixed remote search results *better uploading *better download logic *lower cpu load 1.050 *unicode support for release page *display of avg download speed in release page *display of avg download time in release page *gui&core freeze crash fix 1.049 *local search all now "*" or "." *subscribe keywords unicode fix *download slots fix *fix stuck download *better optimized for t-online 1.048 *crash fix on cancel dl *fix gui remote search *fix gui local search 1.047 *keywords for subscribe enabled *release page now with cached display *force resize of pictures in release page 1.046 *fixed 2 bugs with subscribe mode and broken ed2k links 1.045 *improved upload *added releasername to release page *fix to local cached display % 1.044 *fixed cached local % display *better download logic 1.043 *stuck upload fix *cpu load fix *safe merging *resharing of downloaded files *t-online download speed improved 1.042 *socket fix *add support for images in release page 1.041 *cpu load fix 1.039 *subscribe/release db support 1.038 *cpu load fix 1.037 *subscribe mode added *local search fix 1.035 *share files fix *submit files fix *cancelling downloads enabled again (added 10s delay to stop client) *fix to release/refresh mode detection 1.034 *speedup release/refresh mode *download speed fix *cpu load fix *add download fix *resume download fix *dir hashing after download fix 1.032 *optimized download *reduced cpu load *releasemode enabled *refreshmode enabled 1.031 *optimized upload slots *fixed filetype detection *fixed proxy detection *download speed fix 1.030 *download speed display *enabled download throttle *enabled download display *fixed cancel download *speedup t-online.de 1.029 *filter of shared files *faster hashing 1.028 *upload slots display fix *upload slots cpu issue fix *download add fix *download cancel fix *upload throttle fix 1.027 *10053 connect crash fix *upload dispay enabled *upload slot close fix *client now autoupdates 1.026 *cpu load fix *memory leak fix *sancho autostart selectable *better upload throttle *on cancel download all files removed *better client startup info 1.025 *crc failed pieces fix *hash display fix in transfer gui *hash dispay fix in local search gui *debug option removed *stuck upload fix 1.024 *piece source switch from 90s -> 10s *changed to 3 upload slots *better version check 1.023 *pice CRC check added *firewalltest disabled until proper tested *display of hashing files in console 1.022 *stuck upload fixed *interleaved upload slots enabled *upload speed refreshed and calculated all 1000ms *upload throttle fixed and enabled (min 10) *sancho prefs main issue fixed *socket 10053 error fixed *debug messaged from console removed *version test fixed 1.021 *adding testproxy for user without or broken proxy *cache submit fix *cache detection fix *unknown isp fix 1.020 *Sancho prefs error fix *escape database fix *disabled upnp (until proper tested) *no proxy startup fix *better proxy detection *cache submit fix *stuck upload fix *partfile upload enabled 1.018 *proxy download error fix *upload speed display fix *upload slots fixed 1.017 *display of completed filename in console *faster proxy test *t-online.de fix *t-online.de speedup *gui cleanup *upload display fix 1.016 *isp detection improved *many proxies added *gui display downloaded >4g fix *download logic fixed *better download error handling 1.015 *Version checking added *T-Online.de fix *Arcor fix *gzip support added *files >4g fixed *9bytes pieces fixed *search faster

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