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Blog Navigator 1.2

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Blog Navigator
Blog Navigator is a fast and easy-to-use program for browsing blog sites.

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Stardock SystemsDeveloper :
1.2Version :
Windows 2000/XP Platform :
1.1 MbFile Size :
Freeware License :
April 17, 2006 Date Added :
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Keywords : stardock, blog, blogging, browsing, rss feeds, internet, communication

Blog Navigator Review

Blog Navigator Blog Navigator is a freeware RSS reader that makes it a snap to keep up with what's happening on the net. It supports any number of RSS feeds and can be set to download and archive different feeds for off-line read (great for those who travel a lot). It also integrates seamlessly into the various RSS search engines on the net allowing users to create their own custom blog feeds based on key words.

Changes in version 1.2:
Version 1.2 adds/changes/fixes: - Activation and deactivation of channels and whole groups. - Added support blog editing in offline mode with postponed article sending. - Blog Navigator will no longer fetch blog article details in offline mode. - Added category caching so this time BlogNavigator will no longer ask the server for categories before editing but rather cache them between sessions (for possible offline editing). This also speeds up day-to day blog writing. - Added "Print", "Print preview" and "Page setup" to "File" menu. - Significantly improved user experience for offline mode, Blog Navigator will no longer ask user to go online every time user tries to browse an article from the list in offline mode, but will rather check the offline availability of the article and display article description for offline mode + an appropriate warning. - Added offline mode switch to article editor. - Added support for enclosures - a.k.a. podcasting. Users can now download any files attached to their RSS feeds. - The "Forward" and "Back" buttons on the browser toolbars have added dropdowns with browsing history for better browsing experience. - Favorites are now displayed as another branch. - Favorites addition and manipulation throughout the favorites branch. - Favorites folder dragging and dropping to reorganize the favorites tree. - Menus for selection of style of article or newspaper/group displaying now indicates what style is selected. - Added ability to mark a Favorite as important (flag it). - Added support for storing BN in "All users application data folder" a few other system folders or anywhere on the disk. - Ability to drop a drag from the browser list or the address list on the article list if the selected folder is a basket or a favorites folder. - Added an option to auto-activate channels. - Added a fistful of channels and podcasts. - Added an option to create favorites folders just like any other BN folders. - File -> Save as added to Article editor.

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