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Aye SplitTiff 4.0

Aye SplitTiff Description

Aye SplitTiff is a tif splitter, tiff splitter, enables you to to split multiple-page tif, tiff files into single-page tif, tiff files in batches. Able to split large tif, tiff files of 99999 pages. Able to save splitted tif, tiff files in different directory other than source directory of your tif, tiff files to be splitted. Aye SplitTiff supports almost all tif/tiff compression mode, such as uncompressed, PackBits commpressed, group 3 fax (MH/MR or T.4) commpressed, group 4 fax (MMR or T.6) c...


Aye SplitTiff screenshot