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CASL 4.3

CASL overview

Develop applications for Palm, PocketPC and Windows

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Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Platform :
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August 27, 2007 Date Added :
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Keywords : casl, palm, pocketpc, development, pda, ppc, palmos, software, develop, scripting

CASL Review

CASL CASL is a rapid application development (RAD) environment which allows you to create applications for Palm,
PocketPC and Windows. The language syntax is easy to learn, powerful enough for creating commercial
applications. Try it today! CASL is free for non-commercial use.

Changes in version 4.3:
* Hi-Res (320x320 on the PalmOS) support for Palm and PocketPC. . * Communicate with BlueTooth serial devices using the BlueTooth library (included). * CASLpro (Palm) Events Library that allows detection of: the Five-Way navigator (DPad), Hard Power Off/On, Soft Power . Off/On, Launch Handler (to prevent or allow application exit) and Pen Up/Down/Move. * Full set of display objects with dynamic control of location, size, font, color, and bitmap properties. . * Full set of event functions, predefined functions, user defined function constructs, conditional branching constructs, and . conditional looping constructs. * Indexed db files for fast random access. * Record structures bound to variables for fast read/write of db record. * Grid object with columns, which can be populated with label, textbox, button, checkbox, and dropdown objects bound to . DB fields or arrays, for easy display of scrolling data without writing any code. * Conduit for synchronizing PDA with the desktop computer (Includes Hotsync support for PalmOS and ActiveSync 3.7-4.x . support for the PocketPC / Windows Mobile ). . * Serial port access. * Network socket access (HTTP, Telnet or TCP) connecting via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. * IR port access. * PDA file access. * Utilize Symbol Technologies barcode scanners for use in Data Collection applications (Devices supported include: . SPT1500, SPT1700, SPT1550, SPT1800 and the CSM150). * Much more!. .

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