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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Short Description

Advanced Uninstaller PRO contains 25 powerful and easy to use tools which help you uninstall programs completely, monitor program installations, manage your installed software, disable startup programs and Windows services, apply optimized service profiles, clean and maintain your registry, uninstall Internet Explorer plugins and toolbars, delete duplicate files and protect your privacy by cleaning the history traces of over 100 applications.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO Details

Innovative SolutionsDeveloper :
11.35Version :
Windows 2000/XP Platform :
15.8 MbFile Size :
Freeware License :
March 28, 2014 Date Added :

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO - Uninstall programs safely and completely, clean and optimize your registry and Start menu. Monitor and manage installed applications, remove obsolete entries and speed up your computer! Remove application history for more than 100 applications.


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