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Factorizer may be used: (1) to get the prime decomposition of all numbers in a range of numbers, (2) to get all factors of a single number or all factors of all numbers in a range, (3) to find only the prime numbers in a range of numbers, (4) to find pairs of prime numbers (e.g. 107 and 109) in a certain range, (5) to count (without displaying) the prime numbers in a range of numbers and (6) to find Fermat and Mersenne primes < 2,147,483,647.

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Hermetic SystemsDeveloper :
11.32Version :
Windows 98/2000/XP Platform :
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December 23, 2013 Date Added :

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Factorizer - A program to find prime numbers and pairs of primes, to decompose numbers into their prime constituents, to find all factors of any positive integer up to 2,147,483,645, and to plot Erdos-Kac and Palmen Color histograms.


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